Ken Kuntz

KEN KUNTZ and Ruth keep busy with reading, travel, committee assignments, and coping with their inbox of emails. Also in their retirement residence (Oaknoll) they take part in a water aerobics class thrice weekly, and Ken enjoys playing the piano. At the end of 2010 Ken completed a lengthy article about Psalms scholarship since 1993. To be published in the July 2012 issue of Currents in Biblical Research, it’s a long article that may be of interest to at least a few readers. Ken and Ruth had a splendid trip to Europe in March 2011 and in October 2011, they attended a Road Scholar [Elderhostel] program in Oregon. Several times a year they travel to Houston to visit their son Dave, daughter-in-law Julia, and little grandson Jack [he was two in May 2011]. And with some regularity they see their daughter Nancy (bipolar) who resides in a group home near Fayette, IA, about 100 miles north of where they live. Ken still feels well connected with YDS since he remains on the Alumni Board and functions as its secretary. He continues to be impressed by the quality of persons who selflessly serve on that board. Ken continues to be profoundly grateful for his years at YDS.

Denomination: Christian

Iowa City, Iowa
United States North America

Class of 1959 Secretary: J. Kenneth Kuntz ,
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