Lawrence W. Buxton M.Div.

I've been serving at Burke UMC, a large congregation in the DC suburbs, since 2007; my thinking now is to stay til 2017. I'm transitioning into personal and professional coaching, having become a BCC (Board Certified Coach) and working now towards ICF (International Coaching Federation) accreditation. Some wonderful opportunities for travel in the past year: Israel, Ireland, Jordan, & Israel (again), and in-country vacations to Colorado, California and Florida. Am on sabbatical til early April 2014. Bev continues in leadership training, coaching and public speaking; both sons in MBA programs (I'm a child of the 60's. What did I do wrong??); and we're all blessed and happy. I miss the Bushnell, Bacon and Willow Street gangs of the mid-70's. God bless you all.

Denomination: Methodist, United

Burke, Virginia

Class of 1978 Secretary: Vaughan D. McTernan ,
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