Dale Wood Peterson

Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Lecturer in History and Polity of the Baptist Church

Denomination: American Baptist

The Reverend Peterson is an ordained minister of the American Baptist Churches, U.S.A., and served as pastor of the United Church of Stonington, Connecticut, a congregation affiliated with the American Baptist Churches and the United Church of Christ (UCC), and the First Baptist Church of West Haven, Connecticut, an American Baptist congregation. He served as Baptist chaplain of Yale University for thirteen years before coming to YDS as dean of students in February 2000. Previous ministry positions include college chaplaincy at Dartmouth College, nursing home chaplaincy in Texas, and high school teaching and church youth work in Nazareth, Israel. He has been a member of Yale Religious Ministries and has served on the boards of the Alliance of Baptists, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and the Nazareth Baptist School, Nazareth, Israel. He currently serves on the board of the American Baptist Churches of Connecticut.

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B.A. University of Virginia
M.Div. Southern Seminary