PHILIP B. OLMSTEAD on his 58th birthday quietly celebrates and reflects on the many blessings great and small that continue to sustain him: his wife, Winifred, and 20 years of dynamic married life, i.e., three stepchildren—William, Matthew, and Meredith, all college graduates pursuing professional vocations—and a boy of his own, Benjamin, who is now entering his sophomore year at Hartwick College. Since he left YDS 26 years ago, in a red Fiat 128 with campus mutt Argos and gas money furnished by Mike Mageau in exchange for a coveted pair of white bucks, he has developed a lay vocation as a steward of old houses and the people who inhabit them, having painted as many houses in as many years. He aspires to become a registered nurse, develop a solo act as a folk musician (Remember Ultimate Frisbee: “Not just a game, but a way of life!” said Lansing Hicks, and the first concert on the Quad: “Beer not Bombs!”), to become a better writer and a “citizen of the world” in good standing with the hereafter.


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