Religion and Journalism

With the release of Mel Gibson's The Passion, media reports on religion have increased along with accusations of media bias towards religion. Yale Divinity School hosted a panel discussion of representatives from print and radio media who are experts on covering "the religion beat".



Event Speaker(s):

Moderator: Andrew Walsh - managing editor of Religion in the News which covers religion reporting as part of The Program on Religion and the News Media at The Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life at Trinity College in Hartford. He is also a former religion reporter for The Hartford Courant.

The Panel

Jack Hitt writes for the New York Times Magazine and Harper’s, contributes frequently to NPR’s This American Life and is the author of Off the Road: A Modern-Day Walk Down the Pilgrim's Route into Spain.

Michael Paulson is a religion correspondent for the Boston Globe whose work contributed to the newspaper’s 2003 Pulitzer Prize in Public Service, and to a book that collected the Globe’s reporting on the story, Betrayal: The Crisis in the Catholic Church.

Peter Steinfels writes the "Beliefs" column for the New York Times, and was that newspaper's senior religion correspondent from 1988 to 1997. He was previously an editor of Commonweal, and is the author, most recently, of A People Adrift: The Crisis of the Roman Catholic Church in America.

Krista Tippett is the host of Minnesota Public Radio’s nationally syndicated program, “Speaking of Faith.” She has also written for the New York Times, Newsweek, and the International Herald Tribune.

Recorded: Thursday, March 25, 2004 - 7:00pm