Sandra (Sandy) B. Smyth M.A.R.

Since graduation from Y.D.S., my ministry has been writing and publishing books with spiritual themes. To find them online go to

My recent book, SERMONS NEVER PREACHED ON THE SPIRIT-LED LIFE, is a collection of sermons I wrote while at Yale Divinity School from 2006 to 2010, but never had the opportunity to preach. Since those years of study, I have had time to examine the ego—especially my own ego—and the Spirit-led Life as co-existing, often dueling, partners within the human soul.

Also in SERMONS NEVER PREACHED are my reflections about the role of contemplative prayer in Christo-centric living, so well defined by Christian mystic Evelyn Underhill. My hope is that this consistent theme will resonate with readers who want to lead a self-examined, powerful and purposeful Spirit-led Life. Turning 70 this year changed me in a good way. I am much less anxious about the future. I have given away my winter clothes and hope to spend the rest of my winters in Florida. Looking forward to my husband's retirement and living simply without all the "stuff" we have accumulated!

Denomination: Episcopal


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