Bryan D. Spinks

Bishop F. Percy Goddard Professor of Liturgical Studies and Pastoral Theology

CV | Phone:(203) 432-5180
Denomination: Church of England

Professor Spinks teaches courses on marriage liturgy, English Reformation worship traditions, the eucharistic prayer and theology, Christology, and liturgy of the Eastern churches. Research interests include East Syrian rites, Reformed rites, issues in theology and liturgy, and worship in a postmodern age. His current work focuses on sacramental theology and liturgy in England and Scotland, 1689–1790. Research interests include East Syrian rites, Reformed rites, issues in theology and liturgy, and worship in a postmodern age. His most recent books are Early and Medieval Rituals and Theologies of Baptism: From the New Testament to the Council of Trent (2006); Reformation and Modern Rituals and Theologies of Baptism: From Luther to Contemporary Practices (2006); and Liturgy in the Age of Reason: Worship and Sacraments in England and Scotland, 1662–c. 1800 (2008). The Worship Mall: Liturgical Initiatives and Responses in a Postmodern Global World is to be published by SPCK, London, in July 2010. Other recent publications include "Liturgical Theology and Criticism—Things of Heaven and Things of the Earth: Some Reflections on Worship, World Christianity, and Culture" in Christian Worship Worldwide: Expanding Horizons, Deepening Practices; "Renaissance Liturgical Reforms: Reflections on Intentions and Methods” in Reformation & Renaissance Review; "Eastern Christian Liturgical Traditions, Oriental Orthodox" in The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity; and "The Growth of Liturgy and the Church Year" in The Cambridge History of Christianity, Vol. II: Constantine to c. 600. He is currently writing a book on the eucharist and working on the Syriac Liturgy of St. James. Professor Spinks is coeditor of the Scottish Journal of Theology, a former consultant to the Church of England Liturgical Commission, president emeritus of the Church Service Society of the Church of Scotland, and a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and of Churchill College, Cambridge. He is a regular Sunday Presbyter in the Middlesex Area Cluster Ministry.  Professor Spinks is a fellow of Morse College.

Professor Spinks was elected the new Vice-President of the Society for the 2014 congress, to be held at St.Vladimir’s Seminary, New York, and President for the 2016 congress ( venue to be decided at the 2014 congress).


D.D. University of Durham
B.D. University of Durham
M.Th. University of London
Dip. Theol. University of Durham
B.A. University of Durham


1.   The Worship Mall: Contemporary Responses to Contemporary Culture (Church Publishing, 2011)
2.   Worship in Transition. Highlights of the Liturgical Movement (with J.R.K. Fenwick, 1995)
3.   Worship: Prayers from the East (Pastoral Press, 1993)
4.   Western Use and Abuse of the Eastern Liturgical Tradition (1993)
5.   The Sanctus in the Eucharistic Prayer (Cambridge University Press, 1991)
6.   Christ our Light (Kevin Mayhew, 1990)
7.   From the Lord, and "the Best Reformed Church". A Study of the Eucharistic Liturgy in the English Puritan and Separatist Traditions 1550-1633, (Pickwick Publishing, 1985)
8.  Freedom or Order? The Eucharistic Liturgy in English Congregationalism 1645-1980 (Pickwick Publishing, 1984)
9.  Luther's Liturgical Criteria and His Reform of the Canon of the Mass, (Grove Books Ltd, 1982)
10.  Addai and Mari-The Anaphora of the Apostles: A Text for Students, (Grove Books Ltd, 1980)