Office of Student Affairs

 Yale Divinity School offers a vibrant and unique community life that blends together with the greater Yale campus as well as the city of New Haven. The Office of Student Affairs seeks to enrich all aspects of student life, whether they are intellectual, emotional, spiritual, or purely recreational. Our aim is to provide an environment in which all students feel comfortable to engage in activities both inside and outside the classroom that will help foster their development as ministers and scholars during their time at YDS and beyond.

The Office of Student Affairs staff is always here to offer answers and guidance regarding your time at Yale Divinity School. Feel free to contact us below!

The following links offer information that may be useful for current students:

Office of Student Affairs

Nicholas Alton Lewis
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Seabury 1st Floor
(203) 432-5310

The Rev. Julie Kelsey
Assistant Dean of Students for Pastoral Initiatives
Seabury 1st Floor
(203) 432-0644

Susan Olson
Assistant Dean of Students for Community Life & Career Services
Seabury 1st Floor
(203) 432-9485

Senior Administrative Assistant
Office of Student Affairs
Seabury 1st Floor
(203) 432-5314


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