2014 Placement Timeline

Jan 28, Tue      12:30-1:20pm    Student orientation for all internships

Feb 8, Sat         8am-5:30pm      Negotiating Boundaries

Feb 28, Fri        DEADLINE          Site Applications

Mar 3, Mon       Available sites are posted on the OSM website

Mar 8-23          Spring break

Mar 15, Fri        DEADLINE          Student Application WITH Individual Site Request

                        DEADLINE          Student Application for Summer Internships

                        DEADLINE          Student Application for Advanced (Second) Internship

Mar 28, Thu      DEADLINE          Student Application for Part-Time Internship WITHOUT Site Request

Apr 1-12          Students interview with sites (avoid interviews during Holy Week)

Apr 5, Sat        8am-5:30pm      Negotiating Boundaries

Apr 20, Sun      Easter

Apr 24, Thu      Classes end

May 1, Thu       DEADLINE          Summer and fall placements completed

May 12, Mon     DEADLINE          Summer Learning Agreements

May 13, Tue     10am-3pm         New Supervisor Orientation

May 14-16, Wed-Fri                    Summer internship class at YDS

May 19, Mon     Commencement; Earliest allowable start for summer internship

May 30, Fri       DEADLINE          Fall Learning Agreements

Aug 18, Mon     10am-3pm         New Supervisor Orientation

Aug 27, Wed     First day of classes; internships begin