Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Supervised Ministry?

Supervised ministries help students gain professional competence, build frameworks for raising practical theological issues, acquire comprehensive and realistic views of ministry in the Church and other settings, and develop ministerial identities.


Who can do Supervised Ministry?

While supervised ministry is a requirement of the M.Div. program, it is open to all Yale Divinity School students in degree programs.


What kinds of Supervised Ministries sites exist?

Sites participating in the internship program represent a broad range of denominations, theologies, and missions.  They include parishes, campuses, and both faith-based and secular community organizations.


When should I do a Supervised Ministry?

Students can choose:

  • A part-time internship during the academic year (normally done during second year)

  • A full time internship during the summer

  • A part time unit of CPE during the year

  • A unit of CPE during the summer                                      

Do I get paid to do Supervised Ministry?

Yes! Students participating in Supervised Ministries receive a stipend or work study payment.  Students are eligible to receive financial aid for up to two Supervised Ministry placements.