Getting Started

The programs in supervised ministries are internships to help students gain professional competence, build frameworks for raising practical theological issues, acquire more comprehensive and realistic views of ministry in the Church and other settings, and develop ministerial identities.

 Supervised Ministry is a course in the YDS curriculum that is uniquely situated at the intersection of academic study and the practices of ministry. The Office of Supervised Ministries wants to help you negotiate a supervised ministry experience that will develop or enhance the skills and practical wisdom required for the ministry to which you are drawn!

If you are considering an internship, this is the procedure for how you can move forward in your discernment and preparation.  The Office of Supervised Ministries is excited to help you get started!

  1. Attend the Supervised Ministry Information Session on September 21st.
  2. Create and/or update your profile in DivLink Go to your DivLink profile and log on with your Yale username and password.  This database is the platform for maintaining your profile, accessing information about potential Supervised Ministry Internships, scheduling interviews, and proceeding through the matching process.
  3. Begin thinking about the type of internship and site that you could learn the most from.  Refer to these materials (available below) to begin thinking about the options you have. 
  • “Chart of Supervised Ministries Options”
  • “Tips on Choosing a Supervised Ministry Site”


Chart of Supervised Ministries Options46 KB
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