Learning Goals for Supervised Ministry

An important piece of every internship is the learning agreement or contract that is developed together by the student and supervisor(s).  Not only does it protect the investment of each person by identifying explicit intensions and expectations, but it also is the first and fundamental step to a rewarding internship experience.  It forces you to pause and clarify for yourself exactly what you are trying to do, and why.  It is not rigid; it will change over the span of your internship as you learn more about the site, what you can and want to try, and who you are becoming.  Nevertheless, signing it at the beginning helps establish the mentor-mentee relationship.

Please take time to review each of these attachments (at bottom of page):

  1. Instructions for Learning Covenants
  2. Setting Goals for Supervised Ministry
  3. Learning Covenant Form

You might find this video helpful.  It is a workshop on developing learning goals for supervised ministry that was done in May 2013 by Chaplain Elizabeth Price, Yale New Haven Hospital CPE. 


Instructions for Learning Covenants32.5 KB
Setting Goals for Supervised Ministry67.5 KB
Learning Covenant Form for Academic Year Internships41 KB
Learning Covenant Form for Summer Intensive Internships40.5 KB