Part-time Internship

Part-time Internship Program Overview

The Part-time Internship with Practicum is one of the most important ways that YDS partners with churches, schools, and other institutions in the theological education and formation of individuals for ministry.  Sites participating in the internship program represent a broad range of denominations, theologies, and missions.  They include parishes, campuses, and both faith-based and secular community organizations.  Students participating in the program are an equally diverse group.  While supervised ministry is a requirement of the Master of Divinity degree, it is open to all YDS students in degree programs.  As educational programs of Yale University, all internships must be open to all students regardless of sex, race, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

Regardless of site, all part-time internships:

  • Give a student an opportunity to work with people on serious issues;
  • Provide significant tasks that a student can accomplish and learn from on a part-time and short-term (less than one year) basis;
  • Enable a student to function in roles appropriate to their status as students in formation;
  • Provide opportunities for the intern to gain new knowledge and experience rather than simply practice what they already know;
  • Facilitate a student’s learning through ongoing conversation and reflection with a supervisor and theological mentor;
  • Incorporate internship experiences with classroom content through a weekly practicum with YDS peers.

Site Selection 

During March and April, interns can select from a rich bank of possibilities those sites where they will then request interviews.  Students are encouraged to explore websites, visit sites, and talk to past interns, supervisors, denominational contacts, and others to learn more about various sites. Typically, there are more sites that request interns than there are students who are seeking placements.  Sites interview students and offer a placement, much as they might conduct a job interview.

Academic and Course Information 

Part-time Internship with Practicum, Rel. 3986/7 (6 Credits)

  • This part-time internship is taken for two consecutive semesters starting in September.
  • The internship, under the mentorship of a trained supervisor, is combined with a peer reflection group (Practicum) taught by a practitioner, for a total of fifteen hours a week.  
  • Part-time Internship with Practicum carries three credits per semester. Completion of both semesters is required before credit is granted.  
  • Prerequisite: REL 3990 Negotiating Boundaries.

Part-time Internship with Advanced Practicum, Rel. 3988/9 (6 Credits)

  • This program is open to students who choose to do a second year of part-time internship.  
  • The second internship can be arranged as a second year at the same site, or at a different site to provide another type of contextual experience.  
  • In addition to typical internship responsibilities, each intern creates a unique but replicable major project. Projects involve substantive research and are presented to other students in the advanced practicum. 
  • Completion of both semesters is required before credit is granted. 
  • Students interested in a second internship should notify the Director of Supervised Ministries of their intent by February 1.

Financial Considerations
  • YDS offers financial aid to its part-time interns in the form of a grant credited to the Bursar Account.
  • Sites are not required to pay the student’s stipend, but they are encouraged to assist with the cost of transportation so that interns serving at a distance outside of New Haven are compensated for this extra expense. 



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