Site Requirements

A supervised ministry site must be able to:

  • Give a student an opportunity to work with people on meaningful issues;
  • Provide significant tasks that a student can accomplish and learn from on a part-time and short-term (less than one year) basis;
  • Provide a stable, welcoming environment with consistent direction and oversight of a student’s activities;
  • Enable a student to function in roles appropriate to their status as students in formation;
  • Provide opportunities for the intern to gain new knowledge and experience rather than simply practice what they already know;
  • Facilitate a student’s learning through ongoing conversation and reflection.

Students receive a stipend of up to $4,000 for supervised ministry. Sites are not required to pay the student’s stipend, but they are encouraged to contribute what they can to the stipend, and to assist with the cost of transportation so that interns serving at a distance outside of New Haven are not penalized. If a site is able to pay stipends to its student interns, please communicate that to the Office of Supervised Ministries.