Summer Ministry Intensive

Summer Internship Program Overview                                                                                                          

The Summer Ministry Intensive allows students the opportunity to gain concentrated ministry experience in community organizations or in congregations doing significant community outreach during their summer break from academic coursework.  Summer Intensives are particularly suited for students who want to work with particular sites in other parts of the nation, providing a vast array of ministry opportunities.  Follow this link to explore a few ideas for potential Summer Ministry Intensive sites.

The Summer Ministry Intensive is a ten-week summer program of concentrated experience in ministry.  Similar to the Part-time Internship with Practicum, this program includes full-time ministry at an approved site, theological reflection with a mentor, and peer group meetings. The summer internship program can be used to fulfill the supervised ministry requirement for the MDiv degree.  Placements must be at sites that are very active in the summer months. 

The Summer Intensive begins with a 3-day class on campus in May, and then students must start at their sites no earlier than May 25 and end no later than August 15. Each student and site will agree on an individualized schedule within that time frame.  Practicum is conducted weekly for two hours via web conferencing.  The Practicum schedule is mutually determined during the May class.


Site Selection

For more information about exploring a summer internship see the Summer Internship Selection Process page.



  • Students and supervisors will set up an individualized schedule for completing the internship.
  • Each intern must amass 400 hours of internship time between May 21 and August 20.  
  • Total hours include the 15 hours in Practicum and commuting time greater than 15 minutes each way.  

Academic and Course Information

  • This internship earns 6 academic credits.
  • The credits meet the supervised ministries graduation requirement for M.Div. students and count as electives toward any degree.
  • Negotiating Boundaries in Ministerial Relationships is a prerequisite for the Summer Internship, no exceptions.

Financial Considerations

  • Tuition for summer classes is not included in your block tuition. The rates are typically around $2500 for a summer 6-credit class. Your academic scholarship also applies to summer tuition; check with the Office of Financial Aid for details.
  • You will receive a scholarship (stipend) of $3500 for your first unit of supervised ministry, which is applied to your student account.
  • Commuting expenses are not covered by YDS. Some sites might be willing/able to help with these. Others may not. Likewise, some sites might be willing to help with housing costs.


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