Talitha J. Arnold

Ms. Talitha J. Arnold

E-mail: talithaja@aol.com

Since 1987, Talitha Arnold has been the Pastor of the United Church of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a “new church start” of the United Church of Christ. She has been President of Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity and the Ministerial Alliance, served on the city's first Youth Commission, organized Jewish-Muslim-Christian dialogues, and been recognized for her Human Rights work. She and a Roman Catholic priest started a relationship between their congregations that includes pulpit exchanges and educational events. Pilgrim Press recently published her book, Worship for Vital Congregations, that draws on both the worship life of United and also her experience at YDS.

In 2007, she was awarded UCC’s Antoinette Brown Award for Outstanding Clergywoman. Over the last ten years, she has studied in Italy, thanks to a Lilly Fund Pastoral Renewal grant, and also had a Louisville Institute sabbatical focused on desert spirituality.

Following her graduation in l980, she served as Interim Associate University Chaplain for Yale, followed by a six-year tenure at First Church of Christ (UCC) in Middletown, CT as an Associate Minister.

Santa Fe, New Mexico