Thomas H. Troeger

J. Edward and Ruth Cox Lantz Professor of Christian Communication

CV | Phone:(203) 432-5330
Denomination: Presbyterian and Episcopal

Professor Troeger has written twenty books in the fields of preaching, poetry, hymnody and worship, is a frequent contributor to journals dedicated to these topics, and is a monthly columnist for Lectionary Homiletics and The American Organist.  His most recent books include Wonder Reborn: Preaching on Hymns, Music and Poetry; God, You Made All Things for Singing: Hymn texts, anthems, and poems for a new millennium; So that All Might Know: Preaching that Engages the Whole Congregation (with Edward Everding); Preaching While the Church Is Under Reconstruction; Above the Moon Earth Rises: Hymn Texts, Anthems and Poems for a New Creation.

He is also a flutist and a poet whose work appears in the hymnals of most denominations and is frequently set as choral anthems. For three years Professor Troeger hosted the Season of Worship broadcast for Cokesbury, and he has led conferences and lectureships in worship and preaching throughout North America, as well as in Denmark, Holland, Australia, Japan, and Africa. Ordained in the Presbyterian Church in 1970 and in the Episcopal Church in 1999, he is dually aligned with both traditions. He has served as national chaplain to the American Guild of Organists and is a former president of the Academy of Homiletics (the North American guild of scholars in homiletics) and the immediate past president of Societas Homiletica (the international guild of scholars in homiletics). He was awarded an honorary D.D. degree from Virginia Theological Seminary. Professor Troeger is a fellow of Silliman College.

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"I am trying to map the landscape of the heart that still rejoices in God yet lives in a world that is often oblivious to the spirit.  I believe to live gracefully with this tension is the mark of wisdom.  Such an understanding may baffle the dogmatic mind, but it does not lie beyond the capacity of the poetic imagination.  The imagination often holds together realities that are logically inconsistent yet dynamically coherent."


B.A. Yale University
B.D. Colgate Rochester Divinity School
S.T.D. Dickinson College
D.D. Virginia Theological Seminary


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  4. So That All Might Know: Preaching to the Whole Congregation (with Edward Everding) (Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press, 2008)
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  21. 21.  Meditation: Escape to Reality (Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1977) 


Principles and Practice of Preaching
The Theology and Practice of Church Music
The Round Table Pulpit
The New Homiletic
Theologies of Preaching
Congregational Song as a Resource for Preaching and Worship
Preaching to the Whole Congregation through Multiple Ways of Knowing


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