Tyler Wigg-Stevenson M.Div.

2013 was a busy and wonderful year. Most significantly, Natalie (MDiv 05) and I were overjoyed to welcome our daughter, GeorgiaLillian, in December. She's doing wonderfully. In everyday life, I have advanced to the comprehensive exam phase of my doctoral work in theology and philosophy at the University of Toronto. I also continue to enjoy serving as associate pastor of a center-city church here. On the anti-nuclear front, I led a trip of Christian college professors to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 2013, and as chair of the World Evangelical Alliance's nuclear weapons task force, I'm focused on developing a policy declaration and subsequent action plan for our General Assembly in Seoul this October. Finally, I was honored and delighted that my second book, "The World Is Not Ours To Save: Finding the Freedom to Do Good" (IVP) received Christianity Today's 2014 top book award in the "Christianity and Culture" category.

Denomination: Christian

Canada North America

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