Anglican Colloquium

Spring 2018
M 4:00-5:20pm
Permission Not Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

The overall purpose of the Colloquium series in the Anglican Studies curriculum is to supplement the curriculum with topics of importance in the preparation of women and men for service to God in and through the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. The Colloquium offers Episcopal and Anglican students an opportunity to engage in reflection and discernment on their experience of formation for religious leadership, lay and ordained, providing an opportunity to integrate varied theological disciplines.

While leadership skills and capabilities can in some measure be taught abstractly, they are most effectively integrated into one’s formation through exposure to seasoned leaders in various institutional contexts. Students will explore a wide variety of leadership skills and styles in the presentations at the Colloquium and the assigned readings. Students will practice leadership skills through role-playing, improvisation, and case studies. The intention is to set a leadership context in which students can practice leadership lessons that can be adapted to a ministry environment. Each term of the Leadership Colloquium will focus on different leadership skills. Over the course of their participation in Leadership Colloquium Berkeley students will be exposed to, and be given an opportunity to practice valuable leadership skills for ministry.

Background Expected: 

No pre-requisites

Course Requirements: 

Weekly attendance, readings, class participation