Anglican History and Theology II: the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion

Fall 2017
T 3:30-5:20pm
Area II
Permission Not Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

This course explores the origins and development of the Episcopal Church and of the global Anglican Communion. The class considers the development of the Episcopal Church from colonial origins to a multinational and increasingly multicultural church, with attention to various theological voices and to present polity. The Anglican Communion is explored as an emerging postcolonial network of provinces, subject to contests over the character and identity of Anglicanism that continue to the present.

Background Expected: 

No pre-requisites. Students may prefer to have taken one or both of Anglican History and Theology I and the Transitional Moments courses; this is preferred but not expected.

Course Requirements: 

Completion of assigned weekly readings and participation (10%)

Mid-term take-home exam (“coffee-hour questions”) (25%)

Short paper - 5 pages (on one of three assigned topics) (25%)

Final paper 10-12 pages (topic to developed by student in consultation with instructor) (40%)

Basis of Evaluation: 

“H” is reserved for outstanding work.

“HP” work demonstrates that a student understands the material and presents a cogent argument with good written expression.

“LP” work is acceptable but lacking in form, structure, and/or content.

“F” indicates that the work cannot receive credit.

Plus and minus grades indicate the quality of a student’s work in relation to others in the same letter category.