The Body and Land: Explorations in Theological Anthropology

Fall 2017
W 1:30-3:20pm
Area II
MDIV Requirements: 
Permission Required
Limited Enrollment
Course Description: 

This course considers the relationship between the body and land, between bodily awareness and awareness of place, space, geography, and animals. The questions this course seeks to answer are as follows:  What is the status of the geographic in the Christian imaginary? How does land and animal figure into contours of consciousness, theological vision, and life? How do ideas of private property, land enclosure, and spatial and racial segregation inform theories and theologies of the build environment? Our goal in this course is to construct a cognitive map that integrates a theology of connectivity of body and land to a theology of relationality of peoples to each other, to the material world, and to God. Such a map might enable the formation of a moral geography that informs the creation of more just, inclusive, and nondestructive living spaces.

Learning Objectives
1. Students will be able to articulate the conceptual challenges of thinking the body in relation to geography
2. Students will be able to articulate a theology of connectivity that might inform a theological perspective on relationality.

Background Expected: 

At least one theology or ethics course and one bible course

Course Requirements: 

There will be required reading that must be prepared before each class session. There will also be short presentations of the readings. Other assignments will include a short take home mid-term, a book or article review, and a short final research paper (10 pages max.)

Basis of Evaluation: 

The grade will be based on attendance, participation, and completion of assignments.