Death and the Afterlife: East and West

Fall 2017
W 1:30-3:20pm
Area V
Permission Required
Limited Enrollment
Course Description: 

This seminar will survey Christian conceptions of the afterlife including the fate of the soul immediately after death, the eschaton, and post–Last Judgment existence.  We will read a variety of texts—theological, apocryphal, poetry, and prose—and we will consider images from manuscripts, icons, and monumental decoration.  The material is organized chronologically, beginning with the Greco–Roman and Jewish origins and ending with recent literature and films.  The course does not aim to be comprehensive but rather to focus on specific, crucial moments in Christian history and the literary or visual art that express a theological vision.

Course Requirements: 

Attendance/Participation: 20%

Two four-page papers: 40%

Seminar presentation and research paper: 40%

Basis of Evaluation: 

See above.