Devotion and Practice in Early Christianity

Spring 2018
Th 3:30 - 5:20pm
Area II
Permission Not Required
Limited Enrollment
Course Description: 

An introduction to ancient Christianity as a movement characterized by distinctive practices including ritual, asceticism, as well as written and oral discourse. With attention to material as well as literary evidence from the first five centuries CE, students will consider how Christianity drew on existing traditions as well as creating its own distinctive attitudes and practices in regard to issues including food, gender, and space, as well as more obviously “religious” practices such as prayer, sacrifice, and reading of scripture.

Background Expected: 

None required

Course Requirements: 

Required reading weekly, with weekly classes V2 response to primary readings (15%); two papers each of 8-10 pages (65%); attendance and participation (20%)

Basis of Evaluation: 

H” is reserved for outstanding work.

 “HP” work demonstrates that a student understands the material and presents a cogent argument with good written expression.

 “LP” work is acceptable lacking in form, structure, and/or content.

“F” indicates that the work cannot receive credit.

 Plus and minus grades indicate the quality of a student’s work in relation to others in the same letter category.