Doctrine of Creation

Fall 2017
TTh 9:00-10:20am
Area II
MDIV Requirements: 
Permission Not Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

This course explores the Christian Theologies of creation. We will examine the thought of several theologians, paying special attention to their understandings of creation and their theological anthropology. Understanding the human as “a creature” and the world as “created” plays a crucial role in addressing issues of personal identity and our life in the world. The hope of this course is to develop a paradigm for personhood that speaks to issues such as (1) ecological and technological perspectives on human existence, (2) gender construction and sexual identity, (3) social and familial order, (4) and the formation of people groups and structures of belonging.

Learning Objectives:
Students will be able to identify the constitutive elements in a Christian doctrine of creation.
Students will be able to discern the ways a theology of creation informs a theological and ethical imagination.
Students will be able to articulate a theology of creation that speaks toward the items listed in the description.

Background Expected: 


Course Requirements: 

There will be required reading that must be prepared before each class session. Attendance is also required. There will be three case studies, but no exams, and no book reviews.

Basis of Evaluation: 

The grade will be based on attendance, participation, and completion of assignments.