The Flesh Made Word: A Survey of the Jesus of History and Christology

Fall 2017
T 1:30-3:20pm
Area II
Permission Not Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

This course explores the history of Christology, including its origins in early Christianity; its evolution from the second through the fifth centuries; and its more recent reformulation at the hands of contemporary theologians.  The course begins with study of the historical Jesus, offering a look at the emerging picture of Jesus arising from present-day historiography, archaeology, and literary analysis.  It then explores some of the different and more formative theological interpretations of the religious significance of Jesus that have emerged in the history of Christianity.

Objectives: 1) To help students become acquainted with the emerging picture of Jesus of Nazareth proceeding from the recent findings of historians, biblical scholars, archaeologists, theologians, and other theorists.  2) To become familiar with the development of Christian thought about the person and religious significance of Jesus Christ. 3) To develop an appreciation for the long-established and enduring diversity of Christological thought. 4) To consider and be better able to articulate the enduring significance and relevance of the Jesus-story in our present cultural mileau.

Background Expected: 

No background expected or required, although it would probably be ideal if students have taken a previous course on the New Testament/Christian Scriptures and in Theology prior to taking this course.  This is not a must, however.

Course Requirements: 

1. Punctual attendance; 2. Five one-to-two page reading reflection papers; 3. A Final Paper

Basis of Evaluation: 

Regular grading is the default method for evaluation in this course.  However, students may choose to switch to a credit/non-credit format at the beginning of the term.