Greek Exegesis of the Gospel of Luke

Fall 2017
T 1:30-3:20pm
Area I
MDIV Requirements: 
New Testament
Permission Required
Limited Enrollment
Course Description: 

This course will explore literary, historical, and theological interpretations of the Gospel of Luke. Close readings and exegetical discussions of the Greek text will focus on translation issues, Luke’s literary style and art of composition, and situating this text in its social and historical contexts.

Background Expected: 

Demonstrated knowledge of Greek; NT Interpretation (or equivalent)

Course Requirements: 

(required reading, attendance, papers, postings, etc.):

Attendance and Informed Participation (50%): * Please note: attendance on the first day is required in order to be admitted to the course.  Late applicants will not be admitted.
This category includes attendance, strength of Greek translations, respectful listening, and active, informed participation in class discussions.  
Students will be assessed based on:
1) preparation of and ability to translate assigned portions of the Greek text of Luke (20%)
2) informed participation in class discussion based on prior critical engagement with the appropriate section of their chosen commentary and the other assigned readings before the class meets (20%)
3) a brief (but nonetheless thoughtful) paragraph posing a critical question on the topic for the day, to be posted online prior to the weekly course meetings (10%)

Note that because this class is participatory, attendance is mandatory. Each student may have two “free” absences for any reason, with no consequences (though if you are absent on a day on which you were scheduled to present or lead a discussion, it will count as two absences). Because your presence matters for the learning of everyone in the class, three absences will lower your class participation grade; four absences will lower your overall course grade (note that if you are taking the class Credit/No Credit, four absences will automatically mean you receive No Credit). Chronic lateness may eventually be counted as an absence, without warning to the student.

Class Discussion Leader & Book Review (20%): Each student is responsible for guiding at least one class discussion, drawing from and synthesizing online comments. In addition to engaging the class re: the assigned readings for that day, the student should also choose one recent monograph from the course bibliography and provide a brief review of the book. The review should include a summary of the book’s contents, as well as the student’s critiques of the content. Examples of scholarly book reviews can be found on the Library’s online databases (JSTOR, ATLA, etc.), or online at the RBL website. NOTE: The book review is not a written paper, but the presentation should include a 1-2-page (not longer!) handout for the rest of the group.  

Research Paper (30%):  (15-18 pages) Scholarly exegetical treatment of a passage in Luke, working with the Greek text and including at least one source that was originally written in a language other than English.

You can choose to be graded, but the default mode for this course is Credit/No Credit. Please be aware:
- Your performance must be at the level of HP minus or higher to receive Credit.
- You must complete every assignment in order to receive Credit.

Basis of Evaluation: 

See above