Hellenistic Civilization and the Jews

Spring 2018
Th 3:30-5:20pm
Permission Not Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

This seminar will examine two incidents in the Hellenistic world which can be construed as persecution of the Jews.   The first was in the years 167-164 BCE,  when the Seleucid Antiochus Epiphanes tried to suppress the traditional Jewish cult in Jerusalem. The second was in Alexandria in 38 CE, when the Jewish community came under attack from its Gentile  neighbors and the Roman authorities. The seminar will examine these incidents in the context of Seleucid and Roman history, social unrest in the ancient world, as well as specific policies of the Seleucids and Roman towards subject peoples. It will focus on questions of causation in history, including economic, cultural, religious and other factors.

Background Expected: 

Greek. Some knowledge of ancient history

Course Requirements: 

Attendance, participation, research paper