History of Early Christianity

Fall 2017
T,Th 11:30am -12:20pm
Area III
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Permission Not Required
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An introduction to the formative period of early Christianity from apostolic times through the eighth century. The course examines several major areas of early Christian faith and social life, including the nature and organization of early Christian communities and their leadership, practices of corporate worship and personal devotion, the formation of the Christian scriptures, the articulation of a coherent body of doctrine, church councils and creeds, the monastic movement, the rise of Christianity as the official religion of the Eastern and Western Roman empires, the spread of Christianity beyond the imperial borders, and several major theologians of the period. Students will be exposed to a range of primary sources and historical methods, to examine rival interpretations and perspectives. The course will focus on the reading of a wide variety of primary sources from the period. Above all, the course challenges students to consider the past both on its own terms and in how it continues to shape our present.

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