Intermediate New Testament Greek

Fall 2017
TTh 9:00-10:20am
Area I
Permission Not Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

This intermediate New Testament Greek course is the sequel to Elementary Greek, and prepares students for advanced Greek exegesis courses. The coursework consists of preparation and discussion of translations of a variety of New Testament texts, readings and written exercises on Greek syntax, sight-reading of Greek texts outside the New Testament, and vocabulary building. Students will also practice using a Greek-English lexicon and advanced Greek grammars.

Background Expected: 

Elementary Greek

Course Requirements: 

Attendance at all class sessions, except for excused absences

Preparation of written translations of selected New Testament Greek texts for recitation and discussion in class

Completion of workbook assignments on New Testament Greek syntax

Reading and study of the required textbook, Daniel Wallace, The Basics of New Testament Syntax: An Intermediate Greek Grammar

Pop quizzes on Greek vocabulary and grammar

Two translation exams (open lexicon)

Basis of Evaluation: 

20% Pop quizzes

20% Greek syntax workbook

30% Translation exam I

30% Translation exam II