Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Care

Fall 2017
Th 1:30-4:00pm
Area IV
Permission Not Required
Limited Enrollment
Course Description: 

As an introduction to pastoral theology and care as a narrative, communal-contextual practice, this course invites learners into the practice of particular pastoral care skills such as: listening and responding in pastoral conversations; supporting families through life-transitions; ‘reading’ and engaging cultural contexts and systems in which care takes place; intentional uses of the self in spiritual care. The course introduces at a basic level key theoretical frameworks including narrative, intercultural/interreligious care; family systems; grief and trauma theory. The course attends throughout to contexts and systems of injustice and oppression as a dimension of pastoral care.

Background Expected: 


Course Requirements: 

Weekly course attendance and participation in small group practice sessions

3 brief papers: defining pastoral care; interpreting a genogram; analysis of participant-observation in a community based support group.

Final integrative case response including creation of a “Rule of Life”

Basis of Evaluation: 

Credit/No Credit as default; students may request evaluation using grade.