Introduction to Religion and Ecology

Fall 2017
T 4:00-5:30pm
Area V
Permission Not Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

This course introduces the newly emerging field of religion and ecology and traces its development over the last several decades.  It explores human relations to the natural world as differentiated in religious and cultural traditions.  In particular, it investigates the symbolic and lived expressions of these interconnections in diverse religious texts, ethics, and practices. In addition, the course draws on the scientific field of ecology for an understanding of the dynamic processes of Earth’s ecosystems.  The course explores parallel developments in human-Earth relations defined as religious ecologies.  Similarly, it identifies narratives that orient humans to the cosmos, namely, religious cosmologies.

Background Expected: 

None expected

Course Requirements: 

Students are expected to complete each week:

- 3 hours of viewing online lectures and videos

- 3 hours of reading books and articles

- online assignments posted to Canvas

- group discussions (online or in the classroom for one hour per week)

Basis of Evaluation: 

Grades will be determined on the basis of the completion and quality of course assignments, participation in postings of other students, and group discussions online or in the classroom.

The software program Canvas is equipped to record completion of assignments and allows for faculty evaluation of written work.  The following areas will be assigned for completion and grade evaluation each week:

- viewing online lectures and videos (3 hours viewing each week)

- writing assignments (paragraph responses for posting)

- group discussions both online (by Canvas) and in classroom (1 hour each week)