Jews, Christians and Renaissance Bibles

Fall 2017
TTh 9:00-10:20am
Area III
Permission Not Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

This course examines Jewish and Christian sacred texts, their production, interpretation and cultural contexts from antiquity to the seventeenth century, with particular emphasis on the two centuries following the introduction of moveable type in Europe. The course will be taught in the Beinecke Library and will focus on the study and examination of works from Yale’s rich collection of Judaica and Bibles. The course will examine the complex history of Jewish biblical interpretation and its appropriation by Christian scholars in the medieval and early modern periods. The course will include such topics as translation techniques, Rabbinic commentaries, the history of printing, Christian Humanism and Hebraism, reading practices and the use of Bibles in worship and study, and anti-Semitism. 

To study Bibles as cultural productions that embody complex relations of scholarship, theology, devotion, religious identity, technical achievement and commercial enterprise. To familiarize students with the handling and analyzing of medieval and early modern texts. To explore aspects of Jewish-Christian relations. To develop skills in seminar presentation and participation, and in the writing of advanced research papers. 

Background Expected: 

Rel 700 or equivalent as well as some background in biblical studies (ie. Intro OT or NT)

Course Requirements: 

Required reading, seminar participation, class presentation, book report and term paper. 

Basis of Evaluation: 

20%  Participation; 20%  Book Report; 60%  Term Paper