Old Testament Interpretation

Spring 2018
MWF 9:30-10:20am
Area I
MDIV Requirements: 
Old Testament
Permission Not Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

Continuation of the first semester of REL 500. An introduction to the contents of the Old Testament, with a focus on the Prophets and Writings. The course concentrates on the methods of Old Testament interpretation and on the development of Israelite biblical literature and religion in their historical and cultural context, as well as on the theological appropriation of the Old Testament for contemporary communities of faith.

Background Expected: 

The first semester of Old Testament Interpretation, covering the Pentateuch and Historical Books and the methods of their interpretation. 

Course Requirements: 

Assigned readings in the Old Testament and in the scholarly literature; a mid-term exam; a short exegesis paper; a final exam.

Basis of Evaluation: 

Performance on the exams and on the paper.