Systematic Theology

Spring 2018
MW 11:30am-12:20pm
Area II
MDIV Requirements: 
Permission Not Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

he purpose of this course is to introduce you to the art of Christian theological reflection. Christian theological reflection is a specific work of thinking through and articulating the connections between Christian beliefs, the perennial challenges we encounter in articulating those beliefs, and the most pressing issues facing us today.

To that end, this course explores those connections in ways that give witness to the nature not only of Christian existence but of the life of the triune God. Christian reflection could be understood as a work of following the triune God in all our actions and especially in our thinking. This kind of reflection is fundamentally a constructive work of yielding to the Spirit who draws us toward one another and toward a shared life in community. The overarching goal of this course is to guide you in your own constructive practice of theological articulation.

Background Expected: 


Course Requirements: 

Required weekly readings, attendance, case studies, and a in class final examination.

Basis of Evaluation: 

1) Class (small group) Participation                           10%

2) Three Case Studies (20% each)                              60%

3) Final Exam                                                             30%