Theological Themes in Reformed Creeds and Confessions

Fall 2017
T 3:30-5:20pm
Area II
Permission Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

This seminar offers an introduction to Reformed theology, one of the most historically important, ecumenically active, and currently generative traditions of Christian doctrinal inquiry. The primary source material is a range of creeds and confessions written by Reformed churches in diverse times and places: from Switzerland in the 1520s to South Africa in the 1980s. The seminar proceeds by examining major figures and contexts for Reformed theology, and an array of doctrinal concerns that, arguably, provide coherence to the “tradition,” including: the authority of Scripture, and the nature of Confession, Election, Christology, Sacraments, and the Christian life. While attention is paid to the historical and cultural specificities of creeds and confessions, and the contributions of Reformed thought to theology and the Church catholic, the focus of the seminar is broadly constructive: students are tasked week-by-week to articulate their own theological positions in conversation with their classmates and the Reformed creeds and confessions.

Background Expected: 

No pre-requisites. Background in theology helpful.

Course Requirements: 

Weekly reading from primary and secondary sources, seminar attendance and participation, presentations, memoranda, final paper.

Basis of Evaluation: 

16% presentations (2 x 8%), 56% memoranda (7 x 8%), 28% final paper.