DivLink Resources

How to Create Your Organization Profile
How to Post an Internship-Supervisors
How to Post an Internship Using an Existing Template
How to View Available Internships-Students 
How to Complete Internship Application-Students

Resources for Finding an Supervised Ministry Internship

Description: Academic Year Supervised Ministry
Description: Summer Ministry Intensive Internship
Chart of Supervised Ministry Options (.pdf)
Tips for Choosing a Supervised Ministry Site (.pdf)

Learning Covenant Resources

Ingredients for a Healthy Internship (.pdf)
Guide for Developing a Learning Covenant (.pdf)
Learning Goals Worksheet (.docx)

Supervision Resources

Supervisor/Mentor Position Description (.pdf)
Qualities of an Effective Supervisor/Mentor (.pdf)
Weekly Meeting Procedures (.pdf)
Giving Effective Feedback (.pdf)
Receiving Effective Feedback (.pdf)

Rituals for Welcome and Farewell to Intern (.doc)

Policy on Accounting for Time (.docs)

Theological Reflection 

Theological Mentor Position Description (.pdf)
What is Theological Reflection? (.pdf)
Topics for Weekly Meeting (.pdf)
What is a Mentoring Team (.pdf)

Practicum Resources

2017-2018 Syllabus (.docx)
7 Principles of Fierce Conversations (.pdf)
9 Things Good Listeners Do Differently (.pdf)

Power of Reflecting with Peers (.pdf)

Internship Evaluations

Part-Time Internship Evaluation Instructions (.pdf)
Student Mid-Year Reflection-completed by student (.docx)
Supervisor Mid-Year Reflection-completed by supervisor (.docx)

Student Final Reflection-completed by student (.docx)

Supervisor/Mentor Final Reflection-completed by supervisor/mentor (.docx)
Summer Student Self-Assessment - completed by student (.docx)
Summer Supervisor Final Reflection-completed by supervisor (.docx)
Time log (fillable .pdf)

CPE Resources

CPE Information for Students


Supplemental Readings and Resources

Negotiating Boundaries Registration Form for August Session (.pdf)

Negotiating Boundaries Syllabus (.pdf)


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