Alumni Career Resources

Alumni are welcome and encouraged to utilize the Divinity School’s online jobs database, Divlink.  Beginning with the class of 2015 and moving forward, alumni are automatically enrolled in the system.  Just use your old netid, and click “forgot my password” to create a new password for access. 

Alumni who graduated prior to 2015 can create their own profile in the system. If you remember your old netid, use that in the netid space.  If you do not remember or never had a netid, create one for yourself by using a combination of letters and numbers of your choosing.  Do note that once you submit your profile, you will have to confirm your email address (check spam mail for that) and then there will be a few days lag while your Yale affiliation is confirmed. 

Alumni are eligible to look at position postings, to apply for positions that are advertised, to read and use materials in the resource library, and to attend certain workshops.  Alumni are not able to interview on-campus or set up individual meetings.

Interested in networking with Yale alumni and students institution-wide?  Check out the Yale Career Network.  This broad network gives alumni access to other alumni, as well as giving students access to alumni.  If you are searching for a new career path, it might be useful to you.  If you’re happy with your current field, you might be useful to a student or another alumni! Like Divlink, there is a short lag while your Yale affiliation is confirmed.


Alumni Relations Office

(203) 432-3871

Career Services

(203) 432-9485