Andover Newton Alumni/ae Convocation Schedule

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

8:00-10:00am: Registration and refreshments [Entry in Front of Bookstore]

8:00-10:00am: Tours of the Quad

10:00-11:30am: Welcome and Opening Convocation Worship (Marquand Chapel) Carolyn Roberts, speaker

11:30-Noon: Break and Networking

Noon-1:30pm: Lunch with the Trustees [Old Refectory- NE Wing]
Updates on the affiliation from Linda Campanella and Martin
Spirit of the Hill Award

1:30-2:00pm:  Alumni/ae Association Annual Business Meeting

2:00-3:15pm: “Healthy Transitions” Workshops (Session 1 descriptions below)

  • Still Crazy After All These Years: The Preacher and the Old Testament – Gregory Mobley - [S202]
  • Transitions in Fundraising: Raising More Money for Your Church or Non-Profit – Jim Hackney - [S104]
  • Refugee Resettlement Engagement: Discerning Your Congregation’s Entry Point – Ashley Makar and Ann O’Brien - [S151]

3:15-3:30pm: Coffee Break

3:30-4:45pm: “Healthy Transitions” Workshops (Session 2 descriptions below)

  • Just Enough Knowledge About Change Theory to Make You Dangerous – Sarah Drummond - [S223] 
  • Leadership Lessons for the Good: Transforming oppression into organizational transformation – Debora Jackson - [S117]
  • The Long Sabbath: Transitioning into Retirement from Pastoral Ministry – Pat and Ken Parker - [S212]

5:30-7:00pm:  Dinner on the Town in New Haven
Options for Groups will be available

7:00-9:00pm: S’Mores at the Andover Newton Fire Pit (weather permitting)

Wednesday, October 18​, 2017

8:00am: Bagels and Coffee with a blessing for the day
[Location: Outside of Andover Newton Offices (S116)]

8:30am: Jim Hackney gives “History of YDS Presentation”

9:30-10:30am: Tour of the Library and Conversation about Jonathan Edwards materials

11:00-12 Noon:  Panel Discussion on Community Life and Cultural Impact: Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School, hosted by Dean Sarah Drummond, Prof. Gregory Mobley, and students from Andover Newton Seminary

Noon: Alumni/ae from Milestone Classes honored at Lunch with Dean Sterling and President Copenhaver

And following… Andover Newton Alumni/ae invited to remain for the rest of the week’s events (located on the YDS website)

Andover Newton C​onvocation Workshops:

Title: Leadership Lessons for the Good: Transforming oppression into organizational transformation
Leader: Debora Jackson (MDiv ’06; DMin ’12), Director of Lifelong Learning, Yale Divinity School

Workshop Description: The purpose of this workshop is to provide lessons for effective leadership from an under-represented voice: that of the African American woman. Through a nearly 400-year existence of oppression and marginalization, African American women secured for themselves a way being and leading that overcame demeaning stereotypes, and implemented lessons learned at their mother’s knees while embracing a deep and abiding faith. By learning these lessons, organizations can understand how to thrive in the face of challenges, encourage and transmit skills to subsequent generations, and flexibly adapt as community, while creating a culture of care that is rooted in faith. It is a leadership style born of inclusive care for others that is created by assessing the culture, tending to organizational needs, influencing for effectiveness, and maintaining accountability. Given the multilayered leadership complexities of our churches, organizations and societies, an inclusively-caring leadership model where all are valued and held accountable as part of the community is required.

Title: Still Crazy After All these Years: The Preacher and the Old Testament

Leader: Gregory Mobley, Visiting Professor, YDS

Description: Join Gregory Mobley, Professor of Christian Bible at Andover Newton and Visiting Professor of Congregational Studies and Hebrew Bible at Yale Divinity School, for an exploration of the perennially inspiring and confounding collision between Old Testament studies and Gospel proclamation. In an atmosphere of pluralism and secularism, buffeted by hurricane force winds of change, and with the nature of identity and community transformed by digital communication, we will consider the power of our faith’s old stories and old style. We will approach the Hebrew scriptures with wonder and bewilderment.

Title: Just Enough Knowledge About Change Theory to Make You Dangerous

Leader: Sarah B. Drummond ’93 B.A., Dean of the Faculty

Description: Those who lead change cannot afford black-and-white thinking. Some believe that leading a change is all about getting a constituency to understand why the change matters. Others believe that emotional systems rule the day. Still others think that with all the best of intentions, change happens – or fails to happen – depending on who is in charge. In this workshop, Sarah Drummond will surface the question, “What if all these dynamics are ‘true,’ and ‘right,’ and that understanding change theories is the one way in which a leader can remain sane amidst seismic cultural change?”

Title: Transitions in Fundraising: Raising More Money for your Church or Non-profit. 

Leader: James Hackney, Senior Development Director, Yale Divinity School 

Description: Giving to Churches continues to get more money than any other sector of American Society.  But growth of giving for social service non-profits is increasing faster than giving to churches as donors and now giving directly to non-profits and not through their church to accomplish the same work.  This session will review the latest Giving USA figures as well as how you need to handle this “transition” in giving. 

Title: Refugee Resettlement Engagement: Discerning Your Congregation’s Entry Point

Leaders: Ashley Makar, Outreach Coordinator, Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS); Ann O’Brien, Director of Community Engagement, IRIS

Description: Learn about creative and innovative ways that groups of all faiths are actively engaging in refugee resettlement in the U.S.  Understand the various levels of commitment–from collecting donations to resettling a refugee family. Learn what skills and resources are required at each step and how your congregation will be enriched beyond any expectations by engaging with refugees.

Title: The Long Sabbath: The Art of Transitioning into Retirement from Pastoral Ministry

Leaders: Patricia and Kenneth Parker, retired ministers, American Baptist Churches of Maine

Description: Retirement offers a gift—Life at its best! With a blend of sharing by the presenters & insights from Abraham Heschel, Erik and Joan Erikson, Joan Chittister, Sarah Orne Jewett, Steve Ott, and more, this workshop explores how to prepare for the long Sabbath of retirement and enjoy its lively rest to the fullest. Seventeen dimensions of this life stage, among them the Theological, Developmental, Relational, Sensual, and Financial, will be sketched & concerns particular to participants discussed.