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Career Testing

Some people find career tests to be a good starting point for career and vocational exploration. While there is no such thing as a career test that will tell you exactly what to do with your life, the data may help you consider some options that you might not have otherwise considered. Some of these instruments are available through Divinity Career Services. Interested parties may contact Susan Olson (203-432-9485 or ) directly to make arrangements for these assessments. Assessments are completed online, and individuals make appointments for one on one test results and interpretation. It is not possible to receive the test results without an individual appointment for review. Persons outside the New Haven area may schedule appointments via the telephone. Persons in New Haven should schedule in person appointments.

Current students and alumni/ae within the first 6 months after graduation may take the tests for free.  We are not able to provide testing for those that are not alumni/ae or current students.

Available Tests Include:

  • Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, Form M
  • Meyers Briggs Type Indicator Step II (where indicated)
  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • Strong Interest Inventory with Skills Confidence
  • Firo-B

Susan Olson is certified for the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator through the Center for the Application of Psychological Type (2004) and for the Strong Interest Inventory through Qualifying.Org (2004). Long Distance Counseling credentials are held through ReadyMinds (2005).

Lending Library

Our offices located in Seabury host a library of books, media, and learning tools that cover a range of topics relevant to your job search:

  • Test preparation materials: The Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc.
  • Cover letter and resume guides
  • Professional etiquette guides and DVDs

Career Counseling

Students and new alumni/ae (within the first six months after graduation) are welcome and encouraged to participate in individual career counseling sessions.These are limitless while a student is currently enrolled.  In meeting individually, students may be able to help clarify vocational options, come up with application plans, and prepare for interviews. 

To sign up for an appointment, please select an appropriate time on Divlink by utilizing the counseling tab.

This is a small and very focused office. We unfortunately do not have the resources or expertise to do counseling with alumni/ae who are mid-career, or for spouses and partners.

Senior Meetings

Graduating seniors are strongly encouraged to participate in an individualized senior meeting with Susan Olson.  These meetings are scheduled for early in the fall term and are a chance for seniors to discuss their career plans and receive personalized advice on the resources and opportunities that will put them in the best possible position to realize their goals.  To sign up, use Divlink’s counseling tab to select a mutually convenient time.

Resume Writing and the Optimal Resume Book

Resume workshops are designed to introduce students to the process of writing and refining their resumes and CVs. We use a system called Optimal Resume, which allows students to create their resumes and CVs online, focusing on the content of the document and allowing the computer program to do all the formatting for you! Workshops are held frequently in the beginning of the year and occasionally after that and ordinarily are attended prior to beginning to write a resume or CV.  If a student feels he or she can manage the system without attending a work-shop, she or he can register here. Further instructions for inclusion in the resume book, or for non-resume book resumes and CVs may be downloaded from Divlink.  If a student tries the online system but can’t figure it out, she or he should attend an orientation.

Graduating students who would like to have their resumes included in a resume book (actually an online book) for recruiting purposes should attend a workshop as soon as possible. The first deadline for inclusion is early in October. Later resumes will be added on the first of each month, which means that the student should submit a week prior to that. Inclusion in the book has advantages to the student—one might be recruited for a position, for example, or have the help of an alum in helping to network toward a position.   Students may be added to the book late, but only on the first of every month thereafter. Early inclusion is to your advantage. 

Alumni/ae (defined as those that have completed coursework and are not currently enrolled in classes) are welcome to participate in both the optimal resume system and the resume book. There is a fee associated with that. The fee is collected by Optimal Resume directly.

Applying to Ph.D. Programs

Students applying to PhD programs may find assistance from the career office in

  • creating a CV
  • feedback on personal statements
  • practice interviews
  • workshops on reception etiquette and interviewing to prepare for on-site interview processes.   


Credential Files and Portfolios

Yale Divinity School has partnered with Interfolio to provide Credential Files and Online Portfolios for students.  The Divinity School will pay the associated fees for students to use one or the other during their final year of studies.  Even without the financial help, the programs are very inexpensive. 

Credential Files are a repository for all the important documents that outline your credentials for employment.  Confidential reference forms may be sent there, as well as secure transcripts, cover letters, resumes, CVs, copies of papers and articles, etc.  Once the documents are gathered, Interfolio will send the whole thing, in an attractive packet, to prospective employers and graduate programs, upon your request (you also pay a small fee with each mailing).  This system is not accepted by all graduate programs, so you do have to check before you send, but students have found it to be quite helpful.  For employment, this system is quite useful for those that might be applying for teaching jobs or for any kind of work overseas, where letters of reference are commonly used (US jobs tend toward contacting references for phone conversations, though there are exceptions).  Your documents are able to be edited as often as you like and–this is very helpful–as often as your reference writers like.  They have access to their letter and can change, update, or personalize it very easily. 

Portfolios are an online professional presence.  You can use them to elaborate on your resume, to post links to other sites (with your sermon tapes, for example), and to establish a professional identity.  This option is helpful for pastor types who might feel that a resume or your denomination’s paper work is not as detailed as preferable, for those seeking work in non-denominational or inter-denominational settings, and for creative types who would like to display their work as part of an application.

Association of Yale Alumni Career Networking

The AYA Career Network provides current students with access to alumni/ae from across the university.  Have a question about how best to prepare for an i-banking interview? Try the network.  Wonder how college chaplains spend their days? Try the network.  Want to set up an informational interview with a private school teacher? Try the network. 

The network gives students the opportunity to specify fairly specific career fields and then view a list of willing alums in those fields.  Conversations with these alums will usually be via email but there is opportunity for in person informational interviews as well.  It’s free. Sign up for the program here.

Linked-In Group

If you are a LinkedIn member, and are job-seeking, you’re encouraged to join our Yale Divinity School Career Services group.  In that community, you will find

  • a jobs feed that includes positions generally appropriate for liberal arts graduates plus anything posted on LinkedIn in religious institutions.  (It’s a searchable database–you can limit it by location, field, etc.)
  • a career discussions section (on the jobs tab) where interesting jobs that the Career Services office and members find around the web are re-posted. This is also the place where alums may directly post openings in their organization.
  • a front page, where willing alums are more than happy to take your career questions and provide their experience and advice. 

It is a closed group, meaning you have to ask to join and then wait a day or two while your application is acted upon (we’re just verifying that you are a YDS person during that time).

Not on LinkedIn? It is absolutely worth joining if you are seeking employment after graduation! It only takes a few minutes to sign up and is absolutely free.


Career Services

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