Higher Education

Many Yale Divinity School graduates find great careers in higher education. In fact, some years, it is the second highest career field (after parish clergy)! Depending on your background, you may be eligible for work in student affairs, residence life, alumni affairs, development, academic advising, international student work, women’s centers, service-learning offices, the chaplain’s office, bookstores, publications, and numerous other offices unique to specific institutions. 

Careers in higher education require excellent skills in writing, public speaking, and critical thinking.  Student-centered fields also require basic counseling skills, familiarity with and excitement for diversity, and conflict resolution skills.

Chaplaincies (hired, supervised and paid by the institution) and campus ministries (hired, supervised and paid by denominations or para-church groups but working on a higher education campus) sometimes also require endorsement by a religious group.

Most positions in higher education administration are advertised via one of two websites:



Students should also keep any eye on Yale’s STARS page (where on-campus professional positions are posted).  There are frequently post-graduate fellowship in student affairs at Yale College, which would give graduates a year or two to gain needed experience before applying elsewhere.