Students FAQ Covid-19

Updated August 5, 2020

When may I return to campus?

We will open the Quad on August 24th. Students who will live in the Divinity School’s Canner Street Apartments may move in on July 27th (returning students) or August 1st (incoming students). Those living in other Graduate School housing may move in beginning August 1st. Students living off-campus must make their own arrangements.

Please keep informed about Travel Advisories to/from Connecticut.

What if I decide to take a leave of absence or postpone my matriculation?

July 10th was the deadline for requesting deferrals for 2020-2021.  However, international students have been granted additional time to submit deferral requests, given ongoing questions pertaining to requirements for visa status.  Returning students may request a personal leave of absence up until the 10th calendar day of the term. (We asked, for planning purposes, that, if possible, returning students request leaves of absence for COVID-19 reasons by July 10th.)

I am an international student.  Must I return to campus this fall in order to enroll?

The situation for international students is complex, and varies depending on country, whether you are a new or returning student, and where you currently reside. Please consult these FAQs prepared by the Office of International Students and Scholars: new international students / returning international students.

May I cancel a lease for a Divinity School apartment?

Yes. You have until August 1st to cancel a lease and receive a full refund. You cannot, however, cancel a lease for only one semester; cancellations run through the year. There is a high demand for affordable living arrangements. We cannot hold an apartment open. If you cancel and we have an apartment come open in mid-year, you may apply for it. 

When can I move into the Canner Street apartments?

Returning students may move in beginning July 27th and new students beginning August 1st.

Will the refectory be open?

The refectory at the Divinity School will not be open; however, we will provide a meal service. Details will be posted when arrangements are firm.

Seating in the refectory will be reduced in order to provide social distancing, but additional seating will be provided in common rooms, courtyards, and other locations. 

Will daily services in Marquand Chapel be held?

Probably not. We are still studying the restrictions around singing in public, but we think Marquand will operate online this fall. We will have a new Associate Dean of Marquand Chapel, Awet Andemicael. She will be assisted by Emilie Casey and Nathaniel Gumbs.

Will I be able to study in the library?

Yes. The Divinity library will begin scanning and photocopying requests on July 20th. It should be open on August 24th to patrons. Most libraries on campus will be open, with changes to seating, hours, and some services. 

Keep informed on Yale University Library Operations.

How will courses be taught?

Most courses will be offered online. Seven courses are scheduled for hybrid in-person/remote learning. If you elect to remain outside of New Haven, please keep in mind that you will need to have access to a reliable connection to the network. If you are in residence in the Divinity School apartments or come to the Quad,  you should have access to Yale’s wi-fi system and should have excellent access.

All courses will have a synchronous dimension. Learning should not only be vertical between faculty and students, but horizontal among students. We are capping course enrollment at 19 with the exception of some large introductory courses; discussion sections, including preaching sections, will be capped at an even smaller number to further facilitate discussion. This means that if you are living in a different time zone, you will need to keep the time of the class in mind.

August 31 is the first day of class. Classes will meet without a break through the Friday before Thanksgiving (November 20th). We will take the Thanksgiving week off as a fall recess (November 23-27). The next two weeks will be reading weeks (November 30-December 11); faculty will provide guidelines in their syllabi. The last week of the semester will be finals week (December 14-18). All work must be submitted by December 18th

Will non-Divinity courses be available to Divinity students?

We expect that many non-Divinity courses will be open to Divinity students, as usual.  However, courses may be capped at smaller sizes to enable more effective pedagogy, whether meeting virtually or in person.

Will non-Divinity courses be virtual, or in-person?

We expect that most non-Divinity courses will be virtual, although some will meet in a hybrid virtual/in-person format.

Will student groups meet?

Yes, but mainly online. Jeanne Peloso will send out information this summer.

Will co-curricular programming occur?

Yes. We will offer a full range of co-curricular programs, but online. 

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