Student Room Use Request

For current YDS, BDS, and ISM students only.

If you are planning a special event for an evening or weekend, please fill out this form completely and submit it to Office of Student Affairs for approval. Only the Associate Dean of Students, an Assistant Dean of Students, or the Administrative Assistant can approve space use requests. Only the Office of Finance and Administration can grant use of space.

Please note that additional fees may be incurred, depending on the nature of the event for which you are requesting space. For example, your group may need to hire a security guard or a front door security person, or you may need to pay for custodial services. Since there is no security personnel on duty on weekends, this puts restrictions on space use. Student events that include guests from outside the YDS student body cannot be accommodated on weekends. The “Back Building” is not available for YDS student group use evenings or weekends. Additional restrictions may apply to weekend and evening use. Daytime meeting requests can be directed to

By submitting this form, you agree to follow the space use request guidelines at the top of this form and in the Student Handbook. You will be responsible for your group’s use of YDS space for the entire time that you are using the space.  Understand that using space at YDS is a privilege.

All information shall only be used for the purposes of Yale and shall not be used by any outside party.

There may be liability insurance issues related to the use of space. The Office of Finance and Administration will determine whether liability insurance is needed. Your group may need to pay for the coverage.
Any events involving alcohol, even BYOB, require a conversation with Student Affairs staff and may require additional staffing, supervision, and fees.
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Office of Student Affairs

Finance & Administration