Title VI at YDS

Student Reports of Discrimination or Harassment

Discrimination and harassment that does not relate to gender discrimination or sexual misconduct:

If you believe that a student, faculty member, or staff member has engaged in discrimination or harassment other than gender discrimination or sexual misconduct, you may report your concerns to either:

  1. your DHRC (Discrimination, Harassment & Resource Coordinator), an administrator at your school who serves as a resource for students with concerns about discrimination or harassment; or
  2. the Office of Institutional Equity and Access (OIEA), a university-wide office which assists with dispute resolution and investigates reports of discrimination and harassment.

Both your DHRC and the OIEA may employ a variety of means to help you to resolve your concerns, including discussing your options with you and providing support, facilitating a mediated resolution through discussion and engagement, providing training and education, or conducting a factual inquiry or a more formal investigation.  If it is not possible to reach a resolution satisfactory to both parties, then:

  • a report concerning another student may be referred the student’s school for possible disciplinary action;
  • a report concerning a staff member may be referred to the staff member’s supervisor; and
  • a report concerning a faculty member may be referred to the faculty member’s dean who will address it according to the Faculty Standards of Conduct and related procedures.

In all cases, the first step for a Yale student seeking to report discrimination or harassment is always the same: contact either your DHRC or the OIEA.  These two resources will work with you to further explain your options and the processes for addressing your concerns.

Discrimination and harassment that relates to gender discrimination including sexual misconduct:

If your concerns relate to gender discrimination, including sexual misconduct, you may contact the SHARE Center, a Title IX coordinator, the UWC, the Yale Police Department, or the New Haven Police Department.  Formal complaints of sexual misconduct will be addressed by the UWC.