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Otis Moss III '95 M.Div.: Facing America’s original sin

I do not deny the triumphs, moments of celebration, and progress in our imperfect yet sturdy democracy. But this socially constructed ideology called race remains the original sin of our nation.

Fall issue of YDS' journal "Reflections" explores new voyages for churches

The new issue of YDS' journal, "Reflections," offers dispatches and arguments testifying to the well-being of churches that abandon stale habits, challenge oppressive politics, and nurture a fresh vision of gospel life.

Work of YDS faculty highlighted at AAR/SBL

The work of three YDS faculty members is at the center of special events and panels at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature, running today through Wednesday in Atlanta.

Nancy Taylor: Ministering in times of disaster

Nancy Taylor ’81 M.Div. has been at the epicenter of disaster. As she explained to a large gathering this past weekend, the experience taught her and her church a great deal about how and why ministry still matters.

Statement by YDS Dean Sterling on Paris and other attacks

Yale Divinity School Gregory E. Sterling: "The attacks in Beirut last Thursday, in Paris on Friday, and in Baghdad Sunday were betrayals of sacred trust. ... An understanding of religion that works against the good of humanity is unacceptable."

'Christ and the Good Life': New YDS course blends the personal and academic

A new class for Divinity School students, "Christ and the Good Life," taught by Miroslav Volf and Matthew Croasmun Ph.D. '14 from the Center for Faith and Culture at YDS, blends the academic with the personal.

Reading wars: What Christian debates are really about

So often, the incendiary rhetoric preached from the pulpit, posted online, and perpetuated in Christian media outlets is animated by fundamentally different views of how to read the biblical texts as Christians. Many of these lines drawn in the sand concern how we read the lines of Scripture.