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The dynamic duo of OT Interpretation, Robert Wilson and David Bartlett, return to YDS Summer Study 2017 to teach their class on Old Testament in the New to consider issues that are raised when Christians preach from the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. _______________________________Summer Study is open to the public and runs in two sessions. Courses can count towards continuing education requirements for some clergy. _______________________________The first week is June 5-9; the second week is June 12-16. _______________________________Spots are filling quickly, register now at http://summerstudy.yale.edu/
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#Repost @valuesandvoicesDay 68. Letter 68. Gregory E. Sterling of @yaledivinityschool turns to the parable of the sheep and the goats in #Matthew, imploring all of us to see #TheLeastOfThese as if they were Christ himself. He writes,
#Repost @ydsbookstoreFor #FacultyBookFriday, we have to highlight @yaledivinityschool Prof. John J. Collins's newest book (among the plethora [ed.] by him in the background!), THE INVENTION OF JUDAISM: TORAH AND JEWISH IDENTITY FROM DEUTERONOMY TO PAUL (@uc_press, 2017)! Congratulations, Prof. Collins!.
The Trowbridge Reference Room is closed for renovations, but you can still visit and study in the wonderful Day Missions Room in @ydslibrary  One of the hidden gems of the Yale campus. ..#library #yaledivinityschool #architecture #yale #wood #books #newhavenct #newengland #beautiful #libraryroom #librarylove
Berkeley Divinity School, the Institute of Sacred Music, and Andover Newton Theological School are important collaborators with YDS, sharing space, faculty, students, and commitment to our shared mission of service to church and world.
Summer Study June 2017
Join us on campus for a study retreat, professional development, and to discover Yale’s resources.
Faculty scholarship
YDS professors are among the leading scholars and researchers in their fields, producing dozens of books annually.
Rev. William Barber
A conversation with Rev. William Barber
A conversation with Rev. William Barber
Moral Mondays founder Rev. William Barber gave a rousing talk on building a prophetic movement for justice as part of the Transformational Leadership Program.