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Yale Divinity School announces plan for a sustainable campus

Yale Divinity School will implement a new three-year action plan to establish an enduring commitment to ecological health, human wellness, and economic viability through infrastructure upgrades, curriculum changes, and sustainability education.

The Authentic Self

Bishop Martin D. McLee of the New York Conference of the United Methodist Church visited Yale Divinity School on March 31 with a powerful and simple message for students: be your authentic self. The bishop preached in Marquand Chapel, met with student groups, including the YDS's LGBTQIA Coalition and Yale Black Seminarians (YBS), and met with Methodist students during a lunch-time Methodist colloquium.

Christopher Beeley: "theology is the most practical thing we've got"

Even in this tech-driven, future-oriented moment, signals from ancient times get through. It is no surprise to Christopher Beeley that the classics of old still hold an up-to-the-minute relevance.

"Of making many books...": new titles by YDS alumni

Thirty books. 6,873 pages. More footnotes than anyone has time to count. While numbers can't measure the value of the work YDS alumni have published from 2013-2014, they do suggest our alumni have been busy.