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Amy Butler: Following in the footsteps of Riverside's celebrity pastors

How Amy Butler is navigating the challenge of becoming the first female senior minister at New York's famed Riverside Church.

Film reels in YDS library contain footage from the Nanking massacre

Films taken by a Yale alumnus missionary, newly donated to the YDS library, capture the human impact of the Nanking massacre.

Alum finds it’s never too late for surprising new calling

John Kelley '62 B.D. found a new calling in his 70s—as an ambulance driver.

High-Stakes Christianity

Nancy Taylor ’81 M.Div. on what animates the Christian witness of Old South Church in Boston.

A video conversation with Lamin Sanneh

Lamin Sanneh is the D. Willis James Professor of Missions & World Christianity at Yale Divinity School. In this new video interview, Professor Sanneh explores the role of religion in civil society and what it’s like to teach and study at YDS.

Berkeley Dean clarifies issue involving Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion

Andrew McGowan, dean of the episcopal seminary at Yale Divinity School, clarifies that the action by primates does not constitute the Episcopal Church’s suspension from the Anglican communion.

Returning soldier, returning scholar

Thomas Burke '17 M.Div. uses his military experience to help other returning soldiers navigate the return to society and the classroom.