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Yale panel: Pope encyclical sure to change climate issue

This summer’s environmental encyclical from Pope Francis promises to have a transformative effect on climate change dynamics, extending well beyond the worldwide Catholic Church, according to several panelists speaking at Yale on April 8 at an event titled “Pope Francis and the Environment: Why His New Climate Encyclical Matters.”

George Chochos: Returning Citizen—Not ‘Ex-Offender’—Thrives At YDS

George Chochos '16 M.Div. didn’t arrive at YDS by conventional means. But this "returning citizen" (not "ex-offender") is thriving at Yale and committing himself to clearing the way for others who share his unconventional path and love of learning.

Teresa Berger: Worship is an 'embodied' practice—and always a gendered one, too

Teresa Berger discusses worship as an embodied--and gendered--practice in a new essay in the online Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion.

Walter Fauntroy: The alum who played key role in Selma and other civil rights movement milestones

Rev. Walter Fauntroy '58 B.D played a behind-the-scenes but significant role in major civil rights events including the March on Washington, the Selma to Montgomery March, and the Meredith Mississippi Freedom March.

Why I went to seminary: A senator’s theological education

"Divinity school changed me, and it changed how I see what I do in the U.S. Senate." U.S. Sen. Chris Coons '92 M.A.R. reflects on his Yale Divinity School experience for Christianity Century.

15 Religion Treasures at Yale

Yale retains to this day a dazzling array of religious treasures and relics, all publicly available. Explore treasures that have captivated a newcomer to the university who has a fascination with religion.