Why I chose YDS
Why I chose YDS
Yale Divinity School students discuss why they chose YDS and the Masters of Divinity program.

Application Instructions and Requirements

Yale Divinity School is a graduate professional school that incorporates Berkeley Divinity School and collaborates closely with the Yale Institute of Sacred Music . Berkeley is an Episcopal seminary affiliated with Yale Divinity School. All applicants interested in Yale Divinity School and Berkeley Divinity School should use the Yale Divinity School Application for Admission. 

The Yale Institute of Sacred Music partners with Yale Divinity School in programs for sacred music, liturgical studies, religion and literature, and religion and visual arts. Applicants with academic background in these and related areas who wish to continue these studies at Yale might wish to apply directly to the Institute of Sacred Music using the ISM online application.

Both Berkeley and Institute students receive their degrees from Yale Divinity School. Berkeley students may earn the Diploma in Anglican Studies, and Institute students will receive a certificate from the Yale Institute of Sacred Music.

Those interested in doctoral studies in religion should apply through the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Should you have questions or concerns about the application or the application instructions please call the Admissions Office at 203-432-5360 or e-mail divinity.admissions@yale.edu.

Application Instructions

Applicants to Yale Divinity School programs are evaluated on the basis of academic ability and potential; leadership qualities; spiritual maturity; emotional stability; interpersonal communication skills; seriousness of purpose; personal initiative; and creativity.

All applicants must supply the following in order to complete the file that is submitted to the Admissions Committee:

1. Completed application form, which may be accessed online at https://apply.divinity.yale.edu/apply.

2. Official transcripts from each college, university, and professional school attended.

3. A personal essay (2 pages maximum/double spaced) should help the Admissions Committee evaluate one’s application.  It should address one’s academic and vocational goals; how a Divinity School education can assist the applicant in meeting these goals; and what gifts and experiences a candidate can contribute to his or her theological education.

4. A writing sample (5 pages maximum/double spaced) that illustrates the applicant’s ability to analyze and argue on a particular subject of his or her choice (a portion of a senior thesis or term paper is acceptable).

5. Three letters of recommendation, two of which should address academic potential.  Letters are submitted by your letter writers through our online system once you have designated them.

6. A nonrefundable fee payable by credit card at the time of submission.  The fee structure is: $50 for applications submitted on or before January 15th, 2020, or $75 for applications submitted after January 15th, 2020.

7. Applicants for whom English is not their primary language are required to provide IELTS scores (a minimum of 7.0 band score in all areas) as evidence of their English language proficiency. IELTS may be waived only if: applicant has studied (for no less than two (2) years) and received a degree from a college or university where English is the sole language of instruction.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to register for the IELTS at the earliest opportunity, as scoring and processing will take a substantial amount of time and our office must receive the results by February 1st.