Student Government

The Student Government acts as a liaison between students and the Administration. Responsibilities include working with the Dean on issues concerning students and the school as a whole, and publicly addressing issues of concern or interest as they arise through community conversations and other events.

The Student Government includes six students elected to represent each class of the School’s three degree programs; the Student Body President; the Community Life Coordinator; one at-large student representative to the faculty; one student representative from each chartered student group; one student representative from each faculty committee; one representative from the YDS graduate-professional student senators; one student representative from the ISM Council; and one representative from Berkeley Divinity School. In addition, all students who sit on faculty committees and representatives of non-chartered student groups have official voice without vote. All YDS students are encouraged to attend Student Government meetings as observers and to participate in discussions.

Student Government Leadership for 2016-2017


Jason Land

Vice President

Jordan Rebholz


CLC Coordinator

Peter Wyrsch

Margaret Pierson

1st Yr MDiv Rep

Wonji Kim

2nd Yr MDiv Rep

Julie Johnson

3rd Yr MDiv Rep

Justin Mikulencak

1st Yr MAR Rep

Julie Davis

2nd Yr MAR Rep

Donald “Trey” Frye, Dustin Gavin

1st Yr CLC Rep

Julie Davis

2nd Yr CLC Rep

Deniqua Washington

3rd Yr CLC Rep


1st Year GPSS Senator

Sean Massa

2nd Year GPSS Senator

Michael Kurth

3rd Year GPSS Senator

Jordan Hasty


Liesl Spitz


Johnson Ramsaur


Eda Uca

Diversity Committee

Heaven Berhane, Mia Tabib, Dante Travolaro

Ministerial Studies Committee

Kevin McKoy

Professional Studies Committee

Armando Ghingalia, Mark Schultz, Gregory Stark

Curriculum Committee

Sean Patrick Coady, Emily Garcia, Daniel Gulotta

Spiritual Formation

Nathan Bourne, Becky Jaye, Christian Savage

Student Representative to the Faculty

Jon Heinly

Community Life Committee Reps Qadry Harris, Deniqua Washington, Julie Davis