Admissions: Andover Newton at Yale

Prospective students who come to Yale Divinity School during Andover Newton’s exploration of a long-term affiliation with YDS have a unique opportunity to be part of something new. Current plans have Andover Newton at Yale offering formal educational programs beginning in the fall of 2017, with pilot programs available before that time.

If successful in forming a long-term affiliation with YDS, Andover Newton at Yale will provide an option that frees prospective students from having to choose between a tradition-based congregational seminary and a world-class university. They could have both. Innovation is essential to ministry today, and prospective students can expect that at Andover Newton at Yale they would see, experience, and even contribute to meaningful innovation in theological education.

Please consider joining in this journey by applying to YDS, and, while doing so, expressing interest in Andover Newton at Yale. During the 2016-17 academic year, the educational program offered by Andover Newton at Yale will be under construction. Prospective students should follow developments at this Web site as Andover Newton at Yale pilots initiatives that will become part of those programs.

Here is what we know now:

  • Andover Newton at Yale students will be enrolled in Yale Divinity School degree programs.
  • Andover Newton at Yale students will pursue particular courses and co-curricular programs that prepare them for leadership in locally governed, historically congregational religious organizations and faith communities while also earning their YDS degrees.
  • Prospective students should apply to the appropriate degree program at YDS with the intention of becoming part of Andover Newton at Yale after having matriculated at YDS.
    • Those pursuing authorized ministry should apply to the Master of Divinity program.
    • Those who might have considered a Doctor of Ministry at Andover Newton, such as mid-career ministers seeking higher learning, should apply to YDS’s Master of Sacred Theology (STM).
  • Yale Divinity School’s admissions staff can direct prospective students to the leaders at Andover Newton at Yale who can help them with questions about next steps.