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Reposted from @abmcg -  With mentor, who is close to (active) retirement.  #YDS2019
Reposted from @schnee_wittchen_ -  I made a thing:For one of my last papers at YDS, I looked into women who attended YDS as non-degree students or students affiliated with other parts of the university before YDS decided to admit women as degree-seeking students in 1932. I thought I would maybe find a few names here and there but instead I found a whole bunch of women who did course work at YDS and never received a degree from the school. They went on to become teachers, pastors, professors, missionaries, civil rights activists, and much more. Tomorrow, as I walk up the stairs of Marquand to receive my degree, I take their names with me knowing that I would never be where I am without them. They cleverly negotiated a top-ranked religious and theological education for themselves at a time when their voices were marginalized and their presence at YDS constantly questioned. So grateful for these pioneer women!  #YDS2019
Commencement Worship for #YDS2019 at 4pm. Join us online at Livestream.com/YaleDivinity
Reposted from @milestoneconstruction -  Friday Feature:Plantings and irrigation are capping off our landscape project for the Yale Divinity School - getting close!!#rocksolidconstruction #yaledivinityschool #landscapedesign #yaleuniversity
Relaxing on the Quad after finals.
Reposted from @ydslibrary -  The semester is officially over! Take a deep breath and enjoy your summer! (If youre still hard at work because you have extensions, we believe in you! You can do it!) #yaledivinityschool #yale #yaleuniversity #spring #summer #schoolsout #summervacation#finals #endofsemester #exams #papers #youdidit #youcandoit #vacation #break #hallelujah
Berkeley Divinity School, the Institute of Sacred Music, and Andover Newton Seminary are important collaborators with YDS, sharing space, faculty, students, and commitment to our shared mission of service to church and world.
Summer Study at YDS
June 3-7 and June 10-14 Deadline to register, May 20
Faculty Scholarship
YDS professors are among the leading scholars in theology and religious studies, producing dozens of publications a year.
Conversations with YDS professors
A conversation with Miroslav Volf
A conversation with Miroslav Volf
YDS faculty members discuss their teaching and scholarship as well as contemporary issues in theology and religion.