Degree Requirements

Schedule of Study

The schedule of study at YDS normally consists of twelve credit hours each term. Students in their first term are strongly discouraged from registering for more than fourteen credit hours of study.

A student must take at least one-half of each term’s work with members of the YDS faculty. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with and consider relevant courses offered elsewhere in the University. Graduate- or professional-level courses given by other departments and schools of the University may be taken with approval of the faculty adviser, and with the permission of the instructor of the course. Additional work is normally required in undergraduate courses presented for YDS credit. (For regulations governing interdepartmental study, see Interdepartmental Studies, in the chapter Other Curricular Considerations.) Bus service is provided every twenty minutes from YDS through the central campus to the School of Medicine.

Each course in YDS normally carries three hours of credit unless otherwise stated. It is possible to arrange to take courses for more or fewer credit hours. This flexible system of credit permits students to concentrate their efforts or pursue special concerns when advantageous or advisable. Alteration of the announced number of credit hours requires permission of both the instructor and the faculty adviser.

A student’s program is subject to review by the Professional Studies Committee, with particular attention to the distribution of the courses among fields in the curriculum and to the relevance of the individual’s program for vocational objectives.


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