The Office of Vocation and Leadership

Vocation is about the work of our lives, that sometimes holy sense of calling which engages our deepest longing and forms a meaningful response to the needs of the world around us. Our vocation, and the leadership that we offer, requires both the gifts that come easily to us and the talents that we develop intentionally.  We offer our whole selves to benefit the ever-evolving beloved community.


The Office of  Vocation and Leadership at YDS is here to encourage, support and empower every student to connect their theological study with their sense of vocation and the work of their lives. We offer a wide range of opportunities and contexts for connecting belief with action within a supportive and challenging community, as students test out what their theology leads them to do and to be in the world. We focus particularly on contextual experiences that offer exposure to a wide range of economic, racial and social realities, in traditional congregational and chaplaincy settings and in non-profit models for service and action. Grounded in their academic work, students explore their calling and aspirations, and have the space to develop a vision for a vocation that has meaning in their lives.


William Goettler

Associate Dean for Ministerial and Social Leadership, Lecturer in Parish Leadership and Church Administration
(203) 432-9896

Jennifer Davis

Director of Supervised Ministries, Divinity School

Alison Cunningham

Director of Professional Formation, Title IX Coordinator
(203) 432-5330

Joanne Jennings

Director of Black Church Studies


Office of Vocation and Leadership